Is Your Air Conditioner Beginning to Fail?

As the summer is rapidly approaching, it is important for you to make sure that your air conditioning unit is in good shape and ready to continue keeping your family cool when the hot weather settles in. Sometimes, though, air conditioners can begin to fail, and knowing the signs of impending failure is important so that you can be sure to get it fixed in time for summer’s imminent arrival.

So, with that in mind, keep some of these signs in the back of your mind so you will be able to recognize when your air conditioner might be running into trouble.

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1. Your air conditioner seems to be blowing warm air instead of cool air.

This sign can indicate certain issues that need to be fixed right away. Some of the potential issues that could be indicated by warm air coming from your AC include a broken compressor and a leak of refrigerant.

2. Your air conditioner is leaking water.

Leaking water coming from your unit is a clear sign of issues either with your plumbing or with the unit itself. While small amounts could indicate condensation instead of a real problem, large leaks could point to a problem with your refrigerant.

3. You notice odd smells coming from your air conditioner.

Odors coming from your air conditioning unit could indicate several potential issues, including burned wiring or a mold or mildew infestation. If you notice an odd smell coming from your unit, you should try to get it repaired as soon as possible.

If you notice any of these signs and want to get your air conditioner fixed as quickly as possible, get in touch with a local handyman near me in olathe ks professional who will be able to get your air conditioner back in working order so you and your family can be cooled off this year.