Design Intentions Of 21st Century Bathroom Remodel

Let it be known that there is a lot more than meets the eye where design intention is concerned. In the heat of the moment – which is quite understandable really, given that the couple are just so excited about how their bathroom design in salt lake city ut is starting to pan out – they overlook the essential essence of the 21st century bathroom. Its form, function and purpose. They are carried away at how beautiful their new bathroom is going to look. 

They are over the moon. And they still love each other to the moon and back. After all these years. And now, just settling down to retirement life, they finally have that opportunity to have the bathroom they always wanted. There were some savings involved, but in this day and age of essential service delivery, they did not need to break the bank to get what they wanted. They have started to like the way the new bathroom design started to make them feel.

bathroom design in salt lake city ut

To what purpose otherwise. But then the story starts to unravel. They are given early but clear signs on how this new bathroom is going to function. Forget about the minimalist design for now, start thinking about safety in the bathroom by the time you reach their age. And by safety is not meant putting a double lock on your new bathroom door. But then again. In this day and age, you just never know. And of course, both equal halves of this loving couple might wish to spend quality time alone.

Minus the other half for now. Just thought we would let you know. Finally, more savings down the line. And now this, the ability to use less water but still having a good time.